NexBar DoubleView N120U
NexBar DoubleView N120U

Wednesday, 05 October 2022

Brand : Nexvoo

Nexvoo dual-cam video bar is a new generation for large and medium-sized meeting rooms. It uses a combination of 4K ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, dual-camera collaboration,


DoubleView N120U, a new generation of medium-sized meeting room video endpoint, using a combination of 8 million ultra-wide-angle lens and telephoto lens, dual-camera collaboration, taking into account the panoramic view and detail presentation of the meeting room; supports 4K ultra-clear video calls, and integrates face detection and sound source localization. A number of AI technologies such as Speaker tracking allow you to experience real large-scale conference room-level audio and extremely shocking video effects in a medium-sized conference room.

Benefits & Features :

• Innovatively equipped with a dual-camera system, the meeting room personnel can be seen through The super -wide 120° field of view lens, and the telephoto camera can also zoom in to view details in a larger meeting room. At the same time, it can automatically optimize the brightness of the screen according to the facial information of the participants to ensure that the participants are still clearly visible in the dim or backlight environment.

• Featuring AI technology, including Auto Framing and Speaker Tracking, DoubleView N120U can automatically adjust the screen size according to the number of participants and location changes, present the best view, and can also detect the speaker's position in real time and show close-ups, eliminating manual adjustment Camera operation allows participants to focus more on the content of the meeting. At the same time, through the collaborative work of the dual-camera system, a suitable camera can be selected for image output according to the needs of the screen, providing a better tracking effect.

• Powerful audio pickups and incredible noise reduction technology enable every speech to be heard clearly and protect you from interference.

• Easily connects to PC, Mac® and Chrome™ devices with no additional software required.

• Compatible with virtually any video conferencing application, including the ones you already use.

• The most suitable meeting room for 10 people

• The speakers can bring realistic sound, so that everyone can feel full and excellent sound

• Enjoy clear sound quality through our microphone array

• Intelligent noise reduction technology

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